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Entrepreneur On Fire is a podcast created for you, the Entrepreneur, Side-Preneur, Solopreneur, or Small Business Owner. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and ACTIONABLE advice during your daily commute, workout, or "me" time, John Lee Dumas delivers 7-days a week. Each episode brings you a successful Entrepreneur who shares their journey: Their failures, AH-HA moments, successes, and much more. Each episode ends with THE LIGHTNING ROUND where John extracts priceless resources and action steps for you, FIRE NATION!

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Gregg Parise

Known for forward-thinking financial strategies and outstanding business results, Gregg Parise has built a reputation as a leader within the entrepreneurial business community. Leveraging his world-class investment background, Gregg is keenly aware of trends and changes in markets that potentially affect the profitability of operations in large organizations. Gregg’s background contains a distinctive and strategic combination of visionary leadership and business acumen which has allowed him to be instrumental in building multimillion-dollar revenues, establishing successful financial operations, securing competitive positions and effectively leading teams through periods of growth, volatility and change. As a prolific problem solver and team builder, Gregg demonstrates a high level of prowess tackling a problem from detection to resolution. His success is directly attributable to his ability to unify organizations, initiate action, and deliver results. Core strengths include: Entrepreneurship, Brand Development, Startups, Executive Management, Strategy, Business Development and Venture Capital - Next generation. Gregg is currently the CEO of Events.com, an event management platform that facilitates and enhances the experience of hosting and attending events.

Lori Sussle Bonanni

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